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The Most Eligible Bachelor

Why do most love stories end with great difficulty? Why do we always claim that he or she cheated in love and caused indelible pain? Is love the name of deep understanding and mutual relationship between two souls or is it just intense desire for physical intimacy? Why does the first love invariably mean sacrifice which is against social and Natures laws? Why dont people get selfless love in return to their selfless love for one? Why dont people again embark on the journey of love after getting cheated once? This is an inspiring story of a self-made entrepreneur, who reaches the heights of success after confronting adversity at every step on the journey through recession, unemployment and religious discrimination; a journey through which he loses everything including his love, his best friend and his only mentor and motivator. But do these kill his spirit or his aim in life? Read this story to find answers to this and many other questions.


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When Heaven Falls Down

"Why does it happen, always, when we hear the word relationship we think of love only? Life is beautiful, short and strange as well. Sometimes it treats us more sweetly than we can bear and sometimes it feels so lonely that it hurts more than death. If life is an account of infinite experiences, then this story is life-not only of one but many others as well. He is hardworking and practical; she is sweet, simple and caring. He had a brutal past, she hadn't. She had a very strange life, he hadn't. For him she was the best friend of his life, and for her he was her whole life itself. Strange! Their story is more than romantic, but then every romantic story isn't a love story. Can unsaid feelings be heard? Can India ever get rid of the mindsets of communal conflagrations and Love-Jihad? Can Indian medical Industry ever get clean? Can revolution bring a change? From the very sweet days of the past to the horrifying experiences of present, get ready to find out what happens"


My Life For You

This is the story of two professionals, Ravi and Manisha. At the very first day of his professional career, Ravi met Manisha and soon they attracted towards each other. Life moves on unexpected roll and soon they became best friends of each other's. Ravi achieves lots of success in his professional life and one evening of valentine, he decides to propose her. But his destiny doesn't favor him and he gets to know that she has already been engaged and going to marry with someone soon. This incident breaks him. He couldn't bear the pain and finally met with an accident. Without her, life becomes hell for him. Every moment he waits for her. But she doesn't come back in his life. Finally getting rid of his deformed past, he leaves the country where he gets encounter with another girl. But the memory of Manisha always makes him shattered to think about anyone. Do his faith and loyality could able to help him finding a path of life, which he is looking for? Does the magic of true love casts miracles to make his life beautiful, the way he wants to? 


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